Katie Jablonski

Dedicated to my Dad
who's love of sailing inspired me.

 1.  There's an ocean blue within my veins
 2.  Guided by the blush of wind
 3.  Rolling Indigo Ink
 4.  Can't please 'em all, especially the sailors
 5.  Sailing, heeling, finding the weather's helm
 6.  Trim the sails and wait
Nothing like going to sleep after sailing
 8.  Tending the sheet to the rolling wave's tune
 9.  To the wind that filled my sails
10. Lift myself up
11. Dubious soul
12. Pterodactyle flight


There is ocean’s blue within my veins.
I’ve sailed just five times now
And, as time takes flight within the sheets,
 My eyes stay perched beyond the bow.

Land brings sobering anguished cries 
Beyond, the meadows only rise.
At night I dream, and rocked below my feet
I’m sailing there it’s oh so sweet.
At the helm I’m heaven bound,
I dream away when not on shore. 
Horizons chased and never found
Be still my soul, there’s so much more.
“Weather” found the pulse within 
Pulled to distances far from here 
By my side and with a grin 
I’m guided now without fear 


 Guided by the blush of wind on my face
I followed a course the powerful deep
Pacific offered me.
A mere kiss of excitement in the two-hour game
Of hide and seek with the wind, me at the helm.
Bliss and fulfillment, giddy with the gift of communion
The "high" sees rolled and tossed and thrilled me senseless.


Rolling indigo ink
Churning white to hints of blue
Gently loping unicorn
Of the rolling Indigo Blue

Miles between the moments
Shifting colors give a clue
 The bow, it makes a curtsey
To the rolling Indigo Blue

There are no indications
No sunsets’ smoking torch
Only a promise and a notion,
Homeward bound I’ll stay the course.

Tropical breezes lick my lips
 Like a lover, never filled
They never wait for me to folly
Never seem to stand there still

The winds keep a constant volley
Alert and wakened with a thrill
Watch for lift and peek to horizons
The sheets obey and get their fill

Make haste and find the keel down
Surefooted cinch the sail,
Settle into where the wind blows
I’ll be out upon the rail. 


Can’t please ‘em all, especially the sailors
Each one unique and fickle as the wind
Verse may fall dead on their ears
Yet, they can sense where the bow ends.
Each tack and small adjustment
Every nuance within the sheets
Let the fancy music begin there
That’s where their souls can meet.
No dance nor words or idle chatter
Clear orders to obey
Cinch the ropes and clip the jib sail
It’s fill the sheets or stay.

When the wind’s song takes the helm there
All hands on deck to feast
She’s in control these lads won’t tame her, 
Verse (in fact) can’t tame the beast. 


Sailing, heeling, finding the weather helm
Ocean's splendor far beyond
From my recount is long.
Halyard cinched and ready
Within this sailor’s song
Crew moves together
Hands hoist and fly along 
Silence the study
Horizon’s always new
If there is an ocean rhythm
Inside my heart it’s true. 


Trim the sails and wait
Quietly wait for a breeze
Catch a glimpse of a whale tail
Out here on the dark seas

Find me there on the high bow
Directing a course to please
Try remembering just how
We came about, our souls freed!

Sing me a song how your love is bound
Heard round the world through fog
Your voice, I am longing for its sound
While asleep here on this cool bog 

Nothing like going to sleep after sailing
A perpetual serene high
I blend with the ocean's silky top cream and
Flow into the delicious voids in my mind
I melt into the bow of "Vahalla" and watch
The horizon saves me from my dreams
Coasting around the ocean depths
I love that vast azure scene
Rock me gently in your absence
As I float away inside,
Still, eye shut, I see


Tending the sheets to the rolling waves' tune
Rock me to sleep all night long
Finding the rhythm of the heel and the pitch
Port and starboard man the jib's song
Feel the movement in my bones under the sun's blush
Rock me gentle, tenderly to sleep
Sing to the ocean with the Southwest breeze rush
Rock me oh rock me into the deep 


To the wind that filled my sails and kept my courses true…
I fill my days looking for signs on the horizon for you
Shake the cold, heavy, powerful pressure over my soul
And bring back warm breezes of your sunny countenance
Within a dream stealing onto adventures alone
The gentle gliding sun pours its energy into spaces,
Drying up the moisture in hidden cracks on our faces.
Still I grab a glance as it rests after a long day waiting
As the Emerald gem pops out before us
Therein I see the hope besides the shore
Ever present enduring    


Lift myself up

Place me then down
Up and down, down and up
That's my life, I have found
Smacking the surface
Gliding on up
Back and forth, forth and back
This is the stuff
Lift and drag
Sink and spin
Shifting winds
I'm home again 

Dubious soul, have you found the portal?
Taken your leave from aft deck, gone down below?
Sorrow has filled the bow full
With tears of our making, why not go?
Trips only charted, not leaving shore.
Sails made ready, not made for chore.
Bilge pumps locked down rusted shut.
Take to the wheel and look out into the deep.
Will oceans be waiting when we wake up?
Adventures will go far away,
Out of our dream cove’s safety.
On with the maiden voyage!


Pterodactyls’ flight above the sea

Struggling for lift
Keep on tacking, tacking to flee
The lone sail before us
Comes round as we do
Catch the winds’ embraces
Win or just get thru?
Leaning brings the weather helm
Grins are all around
Captain takes the upper hand
Silence is the sound    



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